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Simon Bennett

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Timur Kibirovs dichterisches Werk in seiner Entwicklung (1979–2009)

Ringen um Werte in einer Zeit der Umbrüche

Marion Rutz

Ein Paradigmenwechsel Mitte der 1990er Jahre hat in der Slavistik die Gegenwartsliteratur als Thema etabliert, allerdings betraf er vor allem die postmoderne Prosa. Die Dichtung (Lyrik) erfuhr lange Zeit wenig Aufmerksamkeit. Diese Arbeit stellt einen der wichtigsten russischen Dichter der letzten Jahrzehnte vor: Timur Kibirov (*1955). Kibirovs Verstexte sind ein Seismograph der gesellschaftlichen Prozesse im spät- und postsowjetischen Russland. Immer wieder fragen sie nach moralischen, ästhetischen und religiösen Werten. Sie suchen nach einem Mittelweg zwischen den Extremen der ideologischen Verfestigung und des postmodernen Relativismus, ob sie in konzeptualistischer Manier sowjetische Ideologie dekonstruieren oder postmodern für Moral und Glauben agitieren.

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Narrating the New Nation

South African Indian Writing

Jaspal K. Singh and Rajendra Chetty

The purpose of Narrating the New Nation is to engage with South African Indian writings through a critical examination of the oeuvre of key writers within a postcolonial theoretical framework. With the advent of democracy, South Africa has witnessed new writings which either reflected on apartheid with elements of restoration for past atrocities and centered around reflective nostalgia, or looked ahead with optimism and foregrounded new beginnings. The end of the interregnum in 1994 drove people to narrate the relationship between past, present and future, which revealed an exciting diversity and rituals of bourgeois lives or reflected upon disadvantaged and marginalized homes in townships, casbahs and ghettos. These innovative narratives attempt to conquer and spatialize different histories, while at the same time finding creative ways to assemble shattered fragments of memory. A critical question this study asks is whether South African literature continues to address themes of journey, exile, migration and identity within the major concern of place and displacement in apartheid and post-apartheid South African Indian writing, or whether the new writings foreground critical self-awareness as citizens of a democratic and neo-colonial nation-state. What analytical questions and concerns do new writings from the Global South address? This book of critical essays hopes to endorse social and cultural—race, class, gender, sexuality—analysis, problematize them, expand them, and in the end enrich South African literature. In so doing, the authors attempt to encourage a critical, creative and empowering space for a plurality of voices, minds and stories and hope to reveal how literature involves itself in the unfinished business of the collective in South African history and literature.

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Engaging with Diversity

Multidisciplinary Reflections on Plurality from Quebec


Edited by Stéphan Gervais, Raffaele Iacovino and Mary-Anne Poutanen

Contributed by leading scholars of Quebec Studies, both emerging and established, the 30 essays of this comprehensive collection offer a multidisci- plinary survey of the study of diversity in Quebec over space and time. The volume is organized around a variety of themes through which Quebec’s plural reality is expressed, including conceptual, historical and contemporary approaches, covering a wide range of social and economic cleavages, iden- tity markers, political contestation and, broadly, the lived experiences of Quebecers negotiating differ- ence over time. In an environment increasingly demarcated by conflicts around values and cultural and social practices, this collection hopes to contrib- ute to broadening the spectrum of voices to the cur- rent debate, adding an inclusive reflection to a con- versation that has only intensified over the last decade. Quebec as a pluri-national and multi-ethnic society has been and remains a great laboratory to study and to test public policies on ethnic diversity. It allows us to identify the tensions and to evaluate the balance between the majority and the minority; and between settler society and indigenous nations, in conceptualizing and finding a normative consen- sus around the configuration of collective rights. In short, the contributions in this volume seek to illus- trate how pluralism has and continues to constitute the lifeblood of belonging in Quebec.

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Edited by Ekaterina Velmezova

Plusieurs aspects de la slavistique helvétique sont représentés dans cet ouvrage, préparé à l’occasion du XVIème congrès mondial des slavistes à Belgrade (août 2018) : la linguistique, l’histoire, l’analyse littéraire, l’histoire des idées. Les auteurs des articles du recueil sont des slavisants helvétiques des sept universités (Bâle, Zurich, Saint-Gall, Berne, Fribourg, Lausanne et Genève) où la slavistique est enseignée en Suisse. 

Dieser Band aus Anlass des XVI. Internationalen Slavistenkongresses (August 2018) vereint mehrere Forschungsbereiche der Schweizer Slavistik: Linguistik, Geschichte, Literaturwissenschaft, Ideengeschichte. Die Autoren der Beiträge sind Slavisten der sieben Schweizer Universitäten, an denen Slavistik gelehrt wird (Basel, Zürich, St. Gallen, Bern, Freiburg, Lausanne, Genf).

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Edited by Adriana Mica, Katarzyna M. Wyrzykowska, Rafał Wiśniewski and Iwona Zielińska

This book illustrates the applicability of the seminal and controversial metaphor of the «invisible hand» in modern sociological theory. It shows that sociologists have long been part of a field mainly associated with economists and political philosophers. Though unlike the framing that builds directly on Adam Smith, sociological theory focuses on undesirable and perverse outcomes. Furthermore, the sociological angle favors the explanation of invisible hand-like mechanisms as contingent upon social structures and broader processes. Thus, it goes beyond its classical formulation in terms of interdependence, interaction and aggregation of individual actions.

This book gathers contributions of remarkable authors who are linked directly either with the invisible hand metaphor, with the spontaneous order phenomenon or with the unintended consequences issue and aims to describe the traditional and contemporary applicability of the sociological framing of the invisible hand for social sciences.

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Irma Ratiani

The book deals with the reception of Georgian national literature in the context of the world literary process. It depicts the place of Georgian literature on the world literary map, starting from Middle Ages and going through the different periods including the Soviet and Post-soviet epochs. Important terms are world literature, literary canon, Georgian literary canon, and periodization. The research is based upon a comparative approach, using modern theoretical methodologies. The Author provides a professional guide in the world of Georgian literature and the first monograph written on this topic by a Georgian researcher.

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Hahnemanns „Handbuch für Mütter“, 1796

Erziehungsratgeber zwischen Pädagogik und Medizin im ausgehenden 18. Jahrhundert


Samuel Hahnemann

Edited by Stephan Heinrich Nolte

Das in Samuel Hahnemanns umfangreicher Übersetzertätigkeit entstandene «Handbuch für Mütter» ist die erweiterte Bearbeitung eines revolutionären französischen Textes nach Rousseau. Es reiht sich in eine große Zahl pädagogisch-medizinischer Ratgeber ein, die im späten 18. Jahrhundert als Folge der Aufklärung und der Entwicklung von an Locke und Rousseau orientierten pädagogischen Konzepten erschienen sind. Die kommentierte Textausgabe stellt die Erweiterungen, aber auch Auslassungen Hahnemanns gegenüber der anonymen französischen Vorlage dar und ordnet sie in den Kontext der Aufklärung, der Reformpädagogik, der Französischen Revolution sowie der konkurrierenden medizinischen und pädagogischen Schriften und ihrer zeitgenössischen Rezeption ein.

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Maria K. Lasatowicz and Jaroslaw Bogacki

Das Buch präsentiert Beiträge von Wissenschaftlern aus Deutschland, Rumänien und Polen, die die deutsche Sprache in kulturell mehrfach kodierten Räumen zu ihren Forschungsobjekten machen. Auswirkungen der Plurikulturalität bzw. der Interkulturalität auf Sprache und Sprachgebrauch sind in solchen Räumen registrierbar und bieten der germanistischen Forschung reichhaltigen Stoff für linguistische und literarisch-ästhetische Reflexionen. Unter Zuhilfenahme verschiedener methodologischer Konzeptionen analysieren die Autoren das Deutsche in Städten, Regionen und Sprachinseln, in Medien, Werbung und Politik sowie in künstlerischer und religiöser Literatur, in Räumen mithin, in welchen Kulturen interagieren.

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Charles Darwin’s Debt to the Romantics

How Alexander von Humboldt, Goethe and Wordsworth Helped Shape Darwin’s View of Nature

Charles Lansley

This book argues that the Romantic movement influenced Charles Darwin and his theory of natural selection. Given that Darwin has traditionally been placed within Victorian naturalism, these Romantic connections have often been overlooked. The volume traces specific examples of Darwin’s reliance on the Romantics – such as Alexander von Humboldt’s Personal Narrative, which he took with him on the Beagle, and the poetry of William Wordsworth, discussed in his notebooks – and explores correlations in Darwin’s own writings. When Darwin refers to the «archetype» in Origin, could he be drawing on Goethe’s own use of the concept? And how to explain his description of all poetry as creating a feeling of «nausea»? In addition to these key figures, the book also explores the possible influence of Darwin’s own grandfather, Erasmus Darwin. The book cleverly follows Darwin’s form of the narrative in a search for traces of history in both science and poetry, inspired by the unique imagination of Darwin himself.